Openings at I Care:

Children must be at least six weeks old to enroll at the Center. If your child reaches age five by September 1, he or she must finish enrollment at the center by the end of that September. Children are accepted into the center without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin or ability. Admission is based on the availability of space in the developmentally appropriate class and the individual needs of the children and parents. Since education of young children must involve the parents, your commitment to work with I Care is a critical component of your child's enrollment.


There is a non-refundable fee of $100 to place your child's name on the waiting list. I Care maintains waiting lists for each classroom. In order to place your child on a list you should select a starting month, which will work strategically for your family. You will be placed on the list on the date we receive your completed application and fee. Children must be at least six weeks old to be enrolled in the Center; however, they may be placed on the waiting list at any time.

The Assistant Administrator will contact you when a space becomes available for your child in the appropriate age group. When you are offered a space for your child, you have three options: 1) enroll your child effective the date of the opening, 2) begin paying tuition for that space on the date of the opening but defer enrolling your child, or 3) decline. If you decline and later wish to be considered again, you will have to rejoin the waiting list at the bottom of the list of the classroom you are waiting to join.

Tuition and Fees

For tuition information and program information, please ask for the most current schedule.  In order to reserve a space we require a deposit of one(1) week tuition.

Tuition payments are made bi-weekly on the Monday before the weeks being paid for and may be in cash or money order.  The center reserves the right to change tuition rated and payments scheduled.

All tuition and fee payments must be made as a condition of attendance.  There is a twenty ($20.00) dollar late fee.

Deposit policy:

A payment  for one-half of the infant room tuition rounded up to the nearest $50, which will serve as a deposit, must be delivered to the Center within three business days of acceptance of an available space.

Our rates:

Tuition and any outstanding fees are due the first business day of each month. Payment is timely if it is made by close of business on the fifth business day of the month via money order or cash. Tuition is based on the classroom your child attends. When your child transitions from one class to another, you will begin to pay the tuition of the receiving class the first of the month following the transition.

I Care CDC does not refund tuition money or give "make-up" days for legal holidays, snow emergency days or days missed because of illness or vacation.

Registration Fee/SupplyFee:

There is a non-refundable Registration Fee of $150 due when a space at the Center is allotted to your child. At this time, the registration form, developmental history information, pick-up permission and emergency information form, and the medical form will all be processed and a file set up for your child.

Late Pick-up Fees:

You must pay a $50.00 late fee if you do not arrive to the center by 6:00pm to receive your child.

Activity and material Fee:

We do not attempt to cut corners with useful activities and materials used in your child(s) program at the Center.  It is therefore necessary to access an annual, non refundable fee for activities and materials.

The cost is $50.00 per semester and is due in September and January. The fee for the summer months, June thru August, are $150.00.

Field Trips:

The activity fee pays for all trips, Magic and Petting (reptile) shows.  Learning tools, Spanish, Dance, Music, Gymnastics, Birthday Parties and transportation for trips.

The Center will schedule field trips quite frequently during the year and parents are encouraged to join their children and participate.  This year parent(s) must pay for all trips individually.  We will try to keep the cost inexpensive.


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We are located at

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Nearest Metro: Brookland and Fort Totten

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We can be reached at:

Phone: (202) 832-0905

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours

Monday thru Friday

7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Closed weekends and major holidays

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